asap_locksmith: Always keeping the customer first

Having worked in the service industry for many years, Kes realised that advertising his services on Carousell is the key to unlocking the path to success with local clients.

“On Carousell, we usually get the local clients, they are more Singaporean, they are like your next-door neighbour.” Kes’ most memorable experiences so far have always been the ones that stem from the satisfaction of helping clients, especially those who get trapped in their rooms or homes due to faulty locks. “When we go down to rescue them, the joy and relief in their faces really brings happiness to us.”

Kes has been using Carousell to promote his locksmith services for over eight months now. “Ever since we’ve been promoting our business on Carousell, we’ve seen an increase of 1.5x to 2x in profits.”

“Advertising on Carousell has been great, in terms of marketing costs. It’s really been much more affordable.” It took him some time to gather reviews online, and to experiment with the Seller Tools before his business really took off on the marketplace. “After we did a few jobs and we got reviews, and the new customers read our reviews, they have more confidence in us to engage us,” he added. “I’ve been using Spotlight and Bumps, it’s really helped us gain an edge over the other listings.”

When asked what is one tip Kes would like to give to fellow merchants, he mentioned that the most important is usually the simplest: “Always keep the customer first.”

At the end of the day, we’re here to solve problems for them. Speak to them with your hearts and the customer will feel your warmth. This will enable your business to grow further.