Advantages of selling services online on an e-commerce platform

Advantages of selling services on e-Commerce platforms - Carousell

Traditionally, e-commerce platforms are mainly used to buy and sell tangible products. However, in recent years, these online platforms have expanded to also include selling services. Whether it’s looking for freelancers that are experts in graphic design, joining a tour as they explore a new city, wanting to make some lifestyle changes, having to fix the plumbing issue that they keep putting off. From business to home, lifestyle to jobs, online consumers can now find any service they want and need online. 

Thus, as a service provider, it’s best to make use of the convenience and rising popularity of e-commerce sites as a one-stop shop. Here are the top five advantages of e-commerce platforms. 

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1. Allow clients to find you easily

Existing e-commerce platforms already have a significant amount of consumers perusing and browsing different stores. The potential online traffic is, therefore, going to be much higher than having your own website since you can take advantage of already existing traffic. That is perhaps one of the best advantages of using e-commerce platforms. Additionally, by making your services available online on a widely-used e-commerce platform, you make it easier for consumers to quickly make comparisons and informed decisions at a glance. If you’re able to stand out from your competitors on e-commerce platforms through competitive pricing, additional services, or stellar packages, then you’re almost guaranteed to find clients who want your services. 

At Carousell, you can access a ready marketplace and take advantage of its e-commerce services category to help you stand out. Enjoy seller tools like Carousell Ads to drive traffic to your listings, grow your reach, and increase views, chats and sales. 

2. Enhance trustworthiness

Listing your services on a third-party platform cultivates a higher level of trustworthiness from both sides. From the perspective of the client, e-commerce platforms usually have screening processes in place to keep businesses in check. Sketchy businesses will be weeded out. E-commerce platforms also allow customers to ‘like’ certain postings, submit reviews, and rate the business. The extra features boost reliability and credibility, providing additional features that can help facilitate purchase decisions. 

On the other hand, service providers can enjoy the extra level of security that e-commerce platforms use and have already set up. For example, Carousell Protection is Carousell’s in-app payment feature that is free for sellers and makes online payments secure and fuss-free. Once buyers have placed an order, the payment will be held by Carousell until order completion. Once the buyer completes the order and your identity has been verified, payment will be released to the seller. 

3. Enjoy straightforward communication

Selling services online can be rather complex. Your product is intangible, which makes it difficult for customers to really understand what you are selling. The advantage of platforms that provide e-commerce services, is that there are typically communication channels set up that facilitate convenient and straightforward communication between you and the buyer, allowing for transactions to take place seamlessly all within a single place. Engage with your customers using Carousell’s chat function. Manage chat enquiries with quick and auto reply to ensure that your clients are never left hanging. Don’t let slow replies make or break a deal from happening.

4. Set up with ease

The best thing about selling your services online through an e-commerce platform is how easy it is to do so. Less human labour is required since all the technical aspects of setting up your shop have already been done, and only minimal investment is needed to start your store. Marketing your services is also relatively easier, cheaper, and faster. Save both time and money when you sell your service through an e-commerce platform. 


Carousell has no registration fees nor do we receive any commission. Setting up is free and simple. You can go from signing up to selling in seconds. Learn how to grow your business with a CarouBiz subscription or by learning how to market your service in a local online marketplace


Take advantage of e-commerce platforms like Carousell when you sell your services online. Enjoy its widespread reach, existing security and technology, ability to target locals, and easy setup. Make your services available today on Carousell.

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