5 Tips to Flat Lay Baby Clothes

Have you ever looked at your children and thought to yourself, “Boy, do they grow up fast”?

That’s because they do! In their first year, babies can gain an average of 1 kg every month.

Because of this rapid growth, their clothes might not get worn much. Some may even be good as new by the time they’re outgrown.

Instead of letting those cute onesies collect dust in your closet, waiting for a niece or nephew that may or may not come, why not sell them? You’ll get some extra cash, and the clothes can benefit a child immediately.

Baby clothes are so cute to begin with, but we wanted to help you out with some flat lay photography tips that can improve your shots and boost your baby clothes sales.

Get your flat lay foundations right

Before you get started, it’s important to have the right conditions for your flat lay. This makes your photo editing process much easier.

  • Use natural lighting
    • This gives a soft, neutral finish to your photo
  • Keep your background simple
    • A distraction-free background keeps the focus on the clothes
    • White or wood backgrounds usually work best
  • Shoot from the top
    • Ensure you have enough shooting room for a bird’s eye view

Plan in outfits, not individual items

Instead of shooting the clothing in isolation, use multiple pieces to tell a story.

Mix and match different shoes, hats and accessories to create different styles and themes.

Photo credits: foxandcradleadashofsassdesignslittlefacesapparel

This not only creates a visually attractive photo, it also helps potential buyers imagine a complete look.

Spruce up your shot with baby-related props

From bibs to soft toys, children books to photo frames, you can probably find most of these things in your house – all it takes is a little creativity and resourcefulness!

If not, you can get some of these adorable photo props from Carousell.

Bib from <baby.kids.handmade>, toy camera from <lilmunchkinssg>, bunny from <buttercup.sg>

Add a baby’s touch

Flat lay photographers have shared that adding a human touch makes the photo more interesting, so why not include your baby in the flat lay?

If you’re not too keen on shining the limelight on your child, you can subtly include a baby’s touch with adorable hands and feet.

Photo credits: mount_zi

Afterall, who can resist a chubby baby arm?

Enjoy the process

The best part about flat lays is that they are easy to execute. You don’t need to use a professional camera; you can just use your smartphone (read more on smartphone photography tips here.)

So don’t stress out, and enjoy the process! If you have any tips of your own, please share them in a comment below!