4 Challenges for Ecommerce in 2022

Top e-Commerce challenges in 2022 - Carousell

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a multitude of challenges, resulting in businesses shuttering, it is also noteworthy that huge opportunities for growth and development for ecommerce surfaced alongside it.

Globally, BusinessWire reported that online sales shot up by about 19% in 2021. Indeed, some regions experienced even higher numbers. For example, by the close of 2021, an estimated 70 million more people have shopped online in six Southeast Asian countries since the start of the pandemic. Growth in the US and Asia was steady before the pandemic, but rapid growth only occurred much later in 2022. 

In 2022, the rapid growth of online sales is expected to hit USD 6.54 billion, almost double of 2019. Despite the growth, much effort is still required for retailers to drive sales online. To help you address these challenges, the first step is to understand them. Keep reading as we delve into these challenges and give our take on the best solutions. 

Top Challenges and Innovations for Ecommerce in 2022 

New Consumption Habits

2020 and 2021 brought about changes that will likely continue into 2022. The enhanced buying and selling experience adopted during the pandemic are now proving to be way more convenient for many. While physical shopping will continue, online shopping will no doubt grow at a faster pace. However, this is not an indication that selling and marketing products online will be any easier than physical retail.

A closer look reveals that buyers are more demanding and retailers have to take extra care of clients’ needs to be able to convince them to make an online purchase. So, here’s what you can do: 

  • Personalise ads and the services you offer. 
  • Make your channels easy for consumers to navigate.
  • Make sure that the product information available to consumers is reliable, complete and similar to what consumers can get in a physical shop.
  • Provide both online and offline exclusive products to lure buyers on both sides. 
  • Better your customer support.
  • Provide a variety of shipping options, including self-collection.
  • Provide multiple payment options. 

Omnichannel shopping

The modern consumer is vastly different from the old days. They want the best information to make the most informed decision on where and what to buy. This is not easy for many retailers because it requires you to focus on different channels and a full-time presence. To address this, consider adopting a workable omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel business strategy implies that you are present in different channels, helping to ultimately guide clients to your physical store or convince them to buy. 

To make the customer journey smooth and drive conversions, businesses need to ensure that information provided on different platforms is consistent and up-to-date.

Bespoke experience

When consumers visit online stores, they need to feel and get a unique experience. With targeted content, you are sure of winning more attention in all targeted strategies and advertising. In 2022, over 90% of e-commerce firms are predicted to create personalised content for consumers. So, how do you achieve this? 

With audiovisual marketing gaining popularity now, video marketing is going to become even more common. It is an excellent way to bring your services and products closer to clients without making physical contact. For example, you can incorporate videos into your listings – and this is especially handy for businesses that deal with products with tons of features, e.g electronics, furniture or for niche industries like services. 

Creating High-Value Content 

In digital marketing, quality content is king. The content you create should educate, entertain, and persuade clients to convert. No matter what strategy you’re using, it’s vital to have quality content that addresses clients’ needs and issues. It’s been proven that the quality of your catalogue determines your online brand positioning. However, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. What type of content should you create? What channels should you use to launch it? How do I gauge the success of the content strategy?

The best way to craft top-quality content is by drawing a good strategy for your marketing. First, you’ll need to understand your target audience’s needs, and use the right content to answer their questions. Make sure to complement your content with quality images and videos, which we highlighted earlier. 

We must reiterate that quality is key in digital marketing, alongside consistency or quantity. Even if you have a high-quality post, it cannot be left to stand there forever. Consider also adopting an automation plan for releasing content on a regular basis, perhaps twice every week, and review it to gauge progress. 

Carousell Is Your One-Stop Shop to Address Ecommerce Challenges in 2022

The challenges we have listed in this post are only a scratch off the surface. Ecommerce is highly competitive and the emerging focus on sustainability can also throw you off balance, especially when working on a low budget. To address these challenges, use a trusted marketplace already known for being sustainable.

A good marketplace gives you the opportunity to redefine the experience for your customers. It all boils down to this – what exactly do your customers want? Whether it is a simplified and fun buying experience across all digital channels or affordable prices, it’s possible to find out with ease using technology. 

Carousell is an excellent starting point for increasing brand awareness and cutting down related costs. The process of listing your products is also easy, making it possible to start selling right away. Carousell for Business also helps you understand your target audience better based on your industry, giving you regular performance analytics to help improve your store’s performance. We provide personalised help that your business needs to grow, racing ahead of competitors in the fast-evolving e-commerce space.